King George V "high values" - 1913 to 1934 Seahorse identification
The King George V high values, 2s6d, 5s, 10s and £1 were designed by Bertram Mackenal and George W Eve.
​​​​​​​The master die was engraved by J A C Harrison.
The £1 value was only printed by Waterlow Bros and Layton
​​​​​​​All other Seahorse values were printed by:
Waterlow Bros and  Layton, De La Rue, Bradbury Wilkinson and Co.  

King George V Seahorse high value stamp printings

1913 - Waterlow Bros & Layton ..........(SG399 to SG404)
1915 - De La Rue & Company ................(SG405 to SG413)​​​​​​​
1918 - Bradley, Wilkinson & Co Ltd ..(SG413a to SG417)​​​​​​​
1934 - Waterlow and Sons .....................(SG450 to SG452)​​​​​​​
The flow chart below is designed to identify the King George V
​​​​​​​2s6d, 5s and 10s high value Recess Printed Seahorse stamps of 1913-34..
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