GB stamp, 1867-83, Queen Victoria SG137 - J128, £5 Orange, Plate 1, letters C-D

Product code: 82005-0137-0427A
SG137, £5 Orange, Plate 1, letters C-D

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Great Britain 1882, Queen Victoria SG137 Spec Cat J128, £5 Orange, Plate 1, letters C-D on white paper. 

Very fresh, great colour with a superb just off centre Glasgow Apr 13th 1895 cancellation

Post Office crayon mark diagonally bottom corner but still a fine example of this rare and sought after stamp. Cat £3,500 + 75% for well centred, lightly used

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SKU 82005-0137-0427A
SG Number SG137 - J128
Stamp Condition Fine used with superb centre Glasgow CDS, PO crayon diagonal bottom left corner
Perforations 14
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Product Code 82005-0137-0427A