GB stamp, 1977, Queen Elizabeth II SG1994 + SG1996, Castles, Enschede Plates, used

Product code: 92006-1996-4856A
SG1994 + SG1996, Castles, Enschede

product information

Great Britain 1977 (29th July) Queen Elizabeth II SG1994 + SG1996, 2 x Edinburgh Castles, 1 x Windsor Castle pair, Enschede plates, fine used on a small piece with a fine and centre Oxford circular date stamp

stamp specifications

SKU 92006-1996-4856A
SG Number SG1994 + SG1996
Stamp Condition very fine used with good centre CDS
Perforations 14 x 15
Additional Information Printed from Enschede Plates
Product Code 92006-1996-4856A