About the PTS

The Philatelic Traders’ Society was formed in 1929 by a group of established stamp dealers who wished to found a society which would act for, and on behalf of its members, for the greater good of philately.  The first Chairman was Albert H. Harris who had established a highly successful publishing company producing, amongst its range, specialist albums and accessories.

The Secretary of the newly formed PTS was Vera Trinder, who in turn took over the business founded by Albert H. Harris.  The Philatelic Traders Society was incorporated as a Limited Company on the 14th. September 1946.  Early on the Society began organising trade bourses, and these developed into the well-known Stampex exhibitions.

Stampex Ltd. was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1966.  The direction of the Society is in the hands of the Council, a body formed by usually twelve Members who are elected annually.  From their ranks are chosen the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer who act as officers of the Society.  The decisions and requirements of the Council, along with the day-to-day functions, are implemented by the Secretary.

All Members of the Society are subject to the approval of the PTS Council and its membership.  Applicants must provide references which are rigorously checked, and only when the Council is satisfied are they affiliated.  Each Member agrees to abide by a Code of Ethics and the Articles of Association.  Complaints and disputes between collectors, dealers and Members are taken up by the Society, and this is the Guarantee of Integrity extended to all those who deal with PTS Members.

Our reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism spans the globe, and the PTS shield is instantly recognised by collectors.